Magda in La Rondine  with Winter Opera Saint Louis (2022) (Nominated for “Outstanding Achievement in Opera” by St. Louis Theatre Circle)


“Karen Kanakis brings a superb voice and diction, as well as striking vitality and stage presence to the role of Magda. She has become quite a star in St. Louis opera, with recent fine performances in leading roles in Suour Angelica, La fanciulla del West, and Falstaff one after another.”

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“Karen Kanakis is captivating as Magda, with a silky smooth soprano that’s delicate through control, not lack of power. Her performance is similarly expressive. Instead of forced or caricatured, an easy choice for the lighthearted if ultimately heartbreaking opera, Kanakis gives us a fluid and completely integrated performance.”

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“And it gives soprano Karen Kanakis, who has done such splendid work in the past with Winter Opera, a chance to showcase her gorgeous voice and acting ability once again. Her character is solid and as credible as it can be, given the material. Brava.”

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Alice Ford in Verdi's Falstaff with Union Avenue Opera (2022)

"Falstaff’s nemesis is Alice Ford, whose sharp wit punctures the absurd schemes of both her husband and Falstaff. Lighting up the role here is soprano Karen Kanakis, whose effulgent voice and impeccable acting have enlivened many roles at both UAO and Winter Opera. Her Alice is all quicksilver wit and irresistible charm."

- Chuck Lavazzi for KDHX

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"The merry wives, are merry indeed. Karen Kanakis who in recent seasons sang central roles in Winter Opera's Fanciulla del West and Suor Angelica, does spot-on perfect work as Mrs. Alice Ford. She's tall and lovely. She has the glamour, grace and carriage of a diva, a voice that just shines, and a delightful comic sense."

- Steve Callahan for Broadway World

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"Karen Kanakis provides the opera’s intelligent center as Alice, the married woman Falstaff somehow thought he might profitably seduce. You’ll wonder how he ever thought he had a chance."

-Sarah Fenske for The Riverfront Times

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"Helping the opera go native are real-life husband and wife Jacob Lassetter and Karen Kanakis. Starring as Ford and his wife Alice respectively, their real-world synergy adds to the depth of their characters while also infusing some whimsical charm into the opera."

-Rob Levy for

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Suor Angelica (2021) 

"...highlighted by Karen Kanakis, whose soaring soprano took advantage of the new building's acoustics to deliver an affecting performance in the title role. Kanakis not only demonstrated her beautiful voice but also handled the acting elements of the tragedy with aplomb."

- Ladue News


"Karen Kanakis as Sister Angelica sang with a deep warmth and lyricism that expressed the very essence of selfless devotion felt by an agonized mother."



"Angelica is sung with beautiful power and discipline by Karen Kanakis (who triumphed last season as Minnie, the central role in Fanciulla del West at Winter Opera). Now, as Suor Angelica, her singing of "Senza mamma" drew applause considerably more extended than might be expected at a dress rehearsal preview. Ms. Kanakis is blessed with carriage and grace, and with a beauty that would be at home on the classic Greek stage."

- Broadway World


"The title role is sung by soprano Karen Kanakis who last March played a marvelous Minnie, the leading role, in Winter Opera's La Fanciulla del West. A year off the stage did no harm to Kanakis' voice. From her first notes, she sang with deft poise, her voice well-suited to the emotional demands of Angelica's plight. She performed the ethereal "Senza mamma" with deep pathos, revealing the excruciating beauty in Puccini's music."

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch




Minnie in La Fanciulla del West (2020)

(Nominated for “Outstanding Achievement in Opera” by St. Louis Theatre Circle)

"Soprano Karen Kanakis as Minnie handled the expressive swings the part demands with skill and grace; in the second act she reveals to Johnson her vulnerabilities with vocal charisma, yet by the end of the scene after she beats Sheriff Rance in the ultra-high stakes card game, her powerful voice renders the emotional growth of her character, easily penetrating the incredible wall of sound generated by conductor Dario Salvi and the orchestra."

-St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"When I heard Karen Kanakis in a supporting role two years ago in L'elisir d'amore I wrote that I wanted "to hear that lovely voice in a much larger role." Well, a wish come true! Here she is as Minnie, the centerpiece of Fanciulla, and she triumphs in the role."

-Broadway World

"Especially delightful was Karen Kanakis in the title role. Not only is her voice strong and smoothly superb but her acting was solid throughout. Paired with Jorge Pita Carreras... [they] made handsome work of their impressive duets together, merging her soaring soprano with his mellow tenor in affecting fashion."

-Ladue News

"Soprano Karen Kanakis... is just perfect as Minnie, with a drop-dead gorgeous voice and acting that is never less than credible"



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